A Ripple

Its wonderful to watch people’s life evolve. To see them grow and mature, learn from mistakes and make mistakes. Its wonderful when your not actually part of their life, its wonderful when you can just stand from the sideline and watch. I like to think of peoples life’s as drops of water, they form their own ripples, and collide with each other to form a beautiful harmony. Or they collide and cause a disturbance, either way its all in Gods plan. And no I couldn’t leave God out of the equation because He is the brain behind this wonderful thing called world. Its beyond fantasy, beyond comprehension and far from anything our minds could ever wrap itself around. The way everything is set in place and happens at the right moment, in the right space in the right way. That is when humans don’t interfere with the plan. I’m not saying that we create the chaos, neither am I saying that we don’t. But in a world created by a God who has a wonderful plan, a lot goes wrong. Should we now question this plan or even this God? Or do we dare try and see things from His perspective? Maybe He doesn’t see chaos, maybe we do. I believe He makes everything work together for good to those who love Him. (Romans 8:28, The Bible) What is love then? And how can we get this favor of things working out for us? Should we walk this holy life of do’s and dont’s? What then is holy?

Let the ripples of our life’s tell a story. Let them collide, disturb and contribute to others. Because life is to be lived once, and not as if there is no tomorrow. No, life is to be lived as if your ripple is the only ripple that could bring change,collision, love, faith or hope. Image


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