The Blogging Experience (up till now)..

I’ve heard many times that I am good at writing, and if I may say so myself, I’m not bad at it. I had this ideas for a while now, to start writing. But the thing is, I hadn’t yet found the right way to publish my thoughts. I’m on facebook, and, one is really interested in long stories there. Once in a while I write in my digital dairy.. (which would eventually turn out into a book) but no satisfaction there either. Then I thought hmmm, what about a blog? And what is a blog exactly..

So I did some google-ing.. found some interesting stories. I read about how to make money blogging, a lot about different topics and pennames and aliases and domains and rules and what not to do and what to do.. I went from link to link.. to eventually end up here..all enthusiastic that I could finally let my voice be heard! Hah! While going through layouts and customizing, I thought of a million topics and possibilities and opportunities.. I changed my mind a dozen times (and I still am actually).. And when I finally had what I thought I wanted (layout-wise) I sat there..looking at my screen. Now what to post? hehehe.. sigh.. No topic fitted what I thought people would like to read about, plus all of a sudden my English skills just disappeared. I wrote.. deleted.. wrote again.. nah.. not good enough.. then again and again and Hah! I finally just posted something. There. Now sit back.. read it.. hmm not bad.. but maaaybe my layout doesn’t fit with my general idea.. Ah whatever..

Then I did some more browsing, visited some more blogs. (Which made mine shrink immediately).. Adjusted some more.. did two more posts.. By that time I was on my third day of blogging, and had this irritatingly itching right eye from staring at my screen so much. (Not that my blog nor my posts were that great). Then It occurred to me that people were blogging about EVERYTHING.. literally. From what they had seen that day, to their thoughts on subjects that I didn’t think you could think on, let alone write a whole page about!  Hah! What was I thinking all this time.. I could just write anything.. And then see what the world thinks about what I think..
Now lets see..

This chicken has nothing to do with my post

This chicken has nothing to do with my post



A comment is much appreciated! :)

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