Why am I here.. from 0 to Here0

Who am I and why am I here…? I already have an “about” section, but I’ll be posting this for the Zero to Hero challenge. I am here basically to let all the words in my head find a way into the world. I also love photography (and food, and books and stories, and traveling and so many other things…) and, I found that blogging might be a way for me to let the world see what I see, the way I see it. Why should anyone want to read my blog, let alone follow me? I don’t know. I do want to be a Hero :), but most importantly I think for me, is to get the acknowledgement that I am good at this, that people can relate to me or my view of things, or not. I wish to learn from others. Up till now my posts have not really been themed or about one thing. I fear that since I am a christian and might write a lot about God, that I will only attract fellow Christians. (which is not bad, but there.. I said it.. phew) I do want to learn from others, my goal is not to preach the gospel on here. If I by any chance I become a hero (such a strange word..) I might buy my own domain stay at home and start making money.


2 responses to “Why am I here.. from 0 to Here0

  1. I am not Christian (well… by most mainstream definitions at least.. my theology is complicated), but I find that often the Christian writers in my life have some of the most beautiful and insightful observations. Depending on the responses you get to your writing, you could play with the language you use — opening up your phrasing so that people who may have beliefs more similar to yours than they realize wont be scared away by overtly Christian language.
    But, that’s just my two cents from what you wrote in your intro 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!

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