What if…

One day she dreamed of you.. she dreamed you into her prince on the white horse. She dreamed you into reality.
You became her inspiration her future without knowing it.
Slowly they became friends, and slowly it seemed as if they
both started catching something.. ever so slowly, whilst nothing was ever said.
Ever so slowly they grew close and then apart.
None of them ever said a word about whatever it was they were catching.
Feelings, emotions, butterflies.
She knew somewhere it was real, somehow her smile had caught his eyes and heart, somewhere his ears captured her words and held them there forever.
Or so she hoped,
those seemingly empty eyes staring into hers when they met,
those casual conversations and rare moments shaking hands
they held a secret story.

They were feelings pushed away when someone else filled the void,
for her and then for him.
No one could be blamed.
But every once in a while she can’t help but wonder.
What if..


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