The thing about starting something new is, that you never start until you actually do it.  Ideas start in your head and often roll out into ‘would have’ and ‘could have’s. Starting something new is scary, actually doing it may turn out surprisingly not scary and a lot less complicated then it was in our minds. Give your dreams some hands and feet. Let them touch and feel, let them go and see if they want to stay. Discover if it was meant for you or not. You can do anything you set your mind to.

This blog is something new for me. I will explore my way through whatever it has to offer and in the process of doing so I hope to inspire you. I love photography so you’ll probably see a lot. I’m a christian, not that it is relevant, but God will probably also not be left out of the equation. Although, I hope I don’t attract only fellow brethren.  I have a feeling I might post a lot of other stuff I never mentioned here.. Feel free to comment, that way I can get rid of the feeling that I’m writing into some huge emptiness. 

A comment is much appreciated! :)

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